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.biz.in 域名价格

期限 1 年 2 年 3 年 5 年 10 年
注册 ¥280.00 ¥560.00 ¥840.00 ¥1400.00 ¥2800.00
续费 ¥280.00 ¥560.00 ¥840.00 ¥1400.00 ¥2800.00
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What is .biz.in  domain?

.in is the country-code top-level domain for India. With this domain extension, you can position your brand as a part of the Indian community and gain trust from internet users in India.

Why register .biz.in  domain names?

  • .biz.in  is India’s official top-level domain name and it symbolises the Indian identity on the Internet. .biz.in  domain registration is ideal for those that are trying to build a strong brand and reach new customers in this country. If you have an Indian connection, now is the perfect time to register .biz.in  domain names.
  • Register .biz.in  domains and secure your brand name in one of the largest and fastest growing online markets. It is a known fact that the IT field is very popular in India, this being the career choice for the largest part of the population. So many companies choose to outsource their IT departments in India so if you are looking to expand your business or try entering a new market, start by registering an Indian domain extension.
  • If you want to sell to customers in India, registering a .biz.in  domain can boost your chances for success. Join millions of webmasters and online business owners that have launched their online presence with India’s country-code top-level domain.
  • Registering a .biz.in  domain name is an excellent way to show your brand is a part of the Indian community. In a few letters, it can tell users in India your website speaks their language and accepts their currency.
  • Better yet, a .in address can boost your site’s rankings on local Google search results – making it easier to gain traffic and build your authority in the country.

.biz.in 注册机构信息

  • TLD 类型:国家和地区顶级域名
  • 国家 / 地区:印度
  • 注册机构:NETIM

.biz.in 域名信息

TLD 类型 ccTLD,印度
最小长度 2 个字符
最大长度 63 个字符
最小注册期限 0 年
最大注册期限 0 年
IDN 支持
WHOIS 隐私服务可用